Project Description

Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. has done many 3d stall design in india to make the reputation of a company among which GMDC is one of the biggest hits.

GMDC was incorporated in the year 1963 to develop major mineral resources in the state and commenced with a small silica send quarrying plant near Thangadh to crush and screen the silica required for glass manufacturing. AMPL is an Indian provider & designer of custom stand design and 3d stall design service.

The design objective was to create a structural metaphor for size and reach which would complement the products offered by the company and how their customers can enhance their operations. Within seven days approach media has executed the entire task and done all the arrangements of exhibition stall design government. We created the company's identity by highlighting the specifications of logo of the company where we showed wind mill, energy, mineral dragger machinery. A structure of scale, exploring divergence in rectilinear geometry, which towered over the area and at the same time, addressed the visitor circulation from all direction from the venue.

The prominent thematic colour coding facilitated focused communication. We created open meeting area, the Conference area, which was 15 to 16 ft high. Glass lighting stage was created. Glass flooring was done and the product was kept inside it and was lighted in order to create an appropriate focus on the products. This has led to over all brand enhancements.

The Trade Show Display was conducted in the total area of 264 square centimeters. Here the product display segment was the main area of attraction of the customers.