Project Description

The government of Gujarat has come up with a novel way of primary education. We have created Award winning stalls in Government Booth Design. This concept follows the principle of open classrooms and aims to make studying a series of fun-filled activities. The Department of Education is keen on popularizing this concept and wants to encourage more schools to adopt this new idea. It felt that the Vibrant Gujarat Summit was a good opportunity to showcase the concept and Approach Media was entrusted with the task of setting up a Exhibition Stall Designer in India.

Our team set to work on the design. Since the spotlight was on education, we decided to install a statue of Goddess Saraswathi at the entrance. A huge LCD screen was erected which displayed information about this system as well as commendations from various prominent people in the exhibition stall design education sector. We filled the 25 meters x 12 meters stall with posters containing nuggets of material and education-related statistics. Huge blocks and picture cutouts, typically used for learning under this new method that encourages creative thinking, dotted the stall.

The response to the stall was tremendous, and attracted a large number of footfalls.