Project Description

The Higher Education Department of the Government of Gujarat is responsible for overseeing engineering, technical and other higher education courses in the state. The Department was looking for a platform to showcase and publicize its policy initiatives and communicate directly with students and their guardians. The Knowledge Pavilion at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit was thought to be ideal for the purpose. Approach Media was entrusted with the task of setting up a Exhibition Stall Designer in Bombay.

Approach Media was assigned the responsibility of setting up a 25 metre x 12 metre stall. We put up huge lighted and non-lighted posters and photographs of various programmes on the partition walls. We also incorporated some unique design aspects. We mounted a few colored tiles and a few photographs on projections on one wall and the effect was very striking. Another distinctive feature was a pillar-like structure made of colored cubes with college logos.

The attractive government booth design drew many youngsters who lapped up all the information available.