Project Description

The more visible, the more attractive and magnificent art and more is the presence among others. The biggest Gujarat Jewellery 3d Stall design of Suvarnakala designed by Approach Media is the award winning stall. Here, we have tried very special things on it. In order to enhance the brand we focused on its height that was 16 feet, and one of the major attractions of the target audience. The effective benefit of this was its distant visibility, so that people were able to recognize it from a great distance.

Next feature of the stall was its open product display area, with appropriate lighting. There were more than 500 halogen lights used to design the stall. The internal display was awesome with main wall branding. Appropriate pictures and panels were used for front and main wall branding techniques. In addition to this there were two conferences meeting area for the people.

We made creative plan for developing B to C counter for customers dealing. This idea was a fabulous one. We have created Award winning stalls in Exhibition Stall Design Jewellary.

The back side of the stall was lighted giving an illuminating effect, called as backlit. This also added an extra advantage in product highlight in this wonderful Trade Show Display.

Last but not the least the flooring has been designed with lighting effects. It added extra beauty to the entire stall. As the jewellery shine so was shining the floors.

Overall, a highly creative Exhibition Stall was created with extra effort and passion.