Project Description

The Gujarat Jewellery Show (GJS) held its 4th Mega Exhibition at Ahmedabad with well known jewellery firm Suvarnakala as its main sponsor.

Any jewellery business requires goodwill and Suvarnakala has won loads of it by offering uniquely designed gold, diamond and Jadtar ornaments. AMPL is an Indian provider & designer of custom stand design and Exhibition Stall Design Jewellary.

Suvarnakala's goal is to be the best jeweler and the management believed that GJS would be an excellent platform to showcase their wide range of jewellery and get more people to take notice of their fascinating collection.

When Approach Media got the mandate to set up a exhibition stall for Suvarnakala at the show, our design team brainstormed and zeroed in on a jewellery showroom design, complete with mezzanine floor. The stall was well-lit to create a rich ambience and an assortment of fascinating jewellery was kept on display.

The aim was to delight visitors and our client received a lot of praise for the innovative stall design. Many said that they felt they had indeed stepped into a jewellery showroom.

We are proud to have played a part in making Suvarnakala's stall at the GJS a huge success.