Project Description

Sah Petroleum Limited an ISO 9001:2008 and EMS14001:2004 Company, specializes in designing, manufacturing, marketing, industrial and Automotive Lubricants, process oils, transformers oil, greases and other specialties under the brand name IPOL in India and immediately for more than three decades. We are a pioneer in Corporate Exhibition Stall Design offering a single source of contact for all exhibition requirement.

They wanted to see their company in the top list of Automotive and lubricants in the private sector. The basic motto of approach media was to publicise the company in the private sector. So the emphasis was on communicating the dynamic brand character. Here something innovative was to be employed here. That's why approach media have made use of the products to display its benefits and its various ranges before the customers. We made a perfect colour combination of the entrance with Logo that communicated the whole idea of the company and its brand.

The colour used was a red vibrant to show the energetic nature of the company. We used pure yellow colour to show the optimism the company generates for its customers. We have created Award winning stalls in exhibition stall design chemical mumbai.

The stalls were created with an elegant look using large space to deal the customers query efficiently. The Conference area was sufficient enough to accommodate the people around.