Project Description

It is the trust of this company that kindles our inspiration and we worked dedicatedly for one of the most fascinating, outstanding, business driven and competent stall for the utmost attention. We wanted to highlight the logo of the company and draw most attention as "seeing is believing".

The company is a textile machinery manufacturer and involves marvelous performance in spinning, weaving, finishing, dyeing, non woven and knitting machines for all types of fibers and yarn (wool, acrylic, cotton, flax etc).

We emphasized on the logo and its tagline "Raising the bar of engineering". We designed the stall in a way that it balances the logical side with creative side; meaning to say that balances the thoughts with the feelings for a complete customer's satisfaction. We have created Award winning stalls in Corporate Exhibition Stall Design. The combination of white and navy blue colour elicits the creativity and company's profile in a new way.

Posters on walls, panels and product display with perfect lighting arrangement grabbed the entire concentration of the audience. The flooring used a soft grayish colour for a smooth and relax walk.

Overall the exhibition stall was a hit and boomed the exhibition.