Project Description

Modena Technology Ltd. is a China-based company that manufactures machinery and equipment, mainly kilns, for the ceramic industry. In addition to catering to the booming Chinese domestic market, it also exports its machines to countries like India, Thailand, Egypt etc. With the intention of building a stronger international presence, the company management decided that Modena would participate in the prestigious Ceramics Asia 2012 that was to be held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Approach Media, which specializes in Exhibtion stall development Ahmedabad, was given the mandate to set up Modena's stall. After deliberating on the layout, we decided to divide the allotted space into a reception area, a lounge area, mini discussion spaces as well as an elaborate meeting area.

Since the focus was to be on the brand, the logo and the name in Chinese and English were prominently displayed in several places in the stall. We even had a full white wall with only the brand name and logo on it. We adopted the brand's color theme, using orange and white for the desks and partition walls. Huge posters with pictures of Modena's ceramic machinery with write-ups dotted the stall.

The Exhibition Stall made an impression on delegates of several ceramic tile makers from across the globe, who visited the exhibition.